First Post

MIcrosoft_SQL_Badges_SQLGeek This is my first blog post so let me start out with a little about me. I’ve been in IT  since I got out of college. I went to school for programming and since graduation I’ve worn many “hats” in multiple companies. I’ve been on database development teams, database tech support, web design, application design…the list goes on and on. A few years ago, I was given the opportunity to come in and convert an entire business system from a main frame over to a newer version that was a .NET front end with a SQL Server back end. It was exciting times…but it wasn’t always like this. I was a “code head” more or less. Everything I did, I did with code. LINQ to SQL, Entity, Datasets, object mappers…anything I could use without having to physically touch SQL I would do it. I despised it for some reason; I felt it was so….beneath me. Anything I could do in SQL Server I could do better in code and that was the bottom line. You could call me the “Anti-SQL” for a while. Yeah, I knew some stuff about backups, stored procedures, queries, even indexing and that sure helped me get into the next step of my life where I’m at now.

It started out without any problems. Rewrite a few queries. Add a few indexes. Set up some backups. It was no problem at first, but then I hit that slippery slope. I went from wearing a developer hat to that oh-so-wonderful “Accidental DBA” hat. (And the crowd goes wild!) It’s kind of ironic, but now I couldn’t imagine ever working in anything other than SQL Server. I’ve dug down into performance tuning, indexing, disaster recovery models, Integration Services, ETL Processes, Reporting Services, and of course query writing. The data that I have been presented with was set up…interestingly, so in order to get what I need I’ve had to get really, really creative for some.

They say that if you really want to learn then teach or write a blog…so here it is. Step 1: My blog. (I’m no where near comfortable enough to put on a session somewhere) Over the course of time I’ll hopefully be able to share some rants with new friends, give knowledge to those who found themselves in my situations, learn something while I do it, and give back to the community that has helped me so much. DThe forums that I am a part of and the organizations that I have joined seem more like family at times than anything. I’m constantly learning through webinars, SQL Saturdays, and through my local and virtual PASS chapters because I just want to get better and give back. I hope that one day, I’ll be at SQL Saturday as a presenter instead of an attendee.